Wardrobe Shares Dressing Tips With Owners of Supercar Club

Wardrobe in collaboration with Malaysia Supercar Owners Club jointly organised an afternoon tea talk titled Dressing The Man held on the 15th October 2017 at the Wardrobe flagship boutique located at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar- Kuala Lumpur. The tea talk took place as an avenue for both parties to learn and for Wardrobe to share practical tips on menswear dressing.

The presentation was delivered by Lim Fang Heng, CEO of Wardrobe. Topics shared by Fang Heng on shirt includes, tips on matching a person’s face shape to the correct use of collar spread, different types and functions of cuffs and 3 correct ways to wear the necktie. He also shared tips on where should the trousers sit on the waist and the different types of trousers bottom. Fang Heng also summarizes 5 different types of suits and jackets and their use for different occasions and purpose in the Malaysian context. Fang Heng also performed a demonstration to the audience 8 tips to look out for when they are wearing a suit for their professional or social engagements.

Towards the end, the guests enjoyed light moments of camaraderie between the club members plus on the spot dressing tips to the guests as they try on Wardrobe’s collection.

The guests each received a complimentary bespoke shirt from Wardrobe as a memento.

For more information on suits, jackets and accessories, please visit Wardrobe’s boutique at 51, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, or visit the website, www.wardrobe.com.my or call 03-2282 6866 during working hours.

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