Wardrobe for Idris Elba

UNRESERVED’s May 2018 Issue featuring Idris Elba dashingly dressed in Wardrobe’s 3-piece bespoke suit in dark grey, white pure cotton bespoke shirt and foulard necktie in mocha.

We had the honour to tailor a suit for Idris for his recent visit to Kuala Lumpur. We did not have the chance to measure and fit Idris physically, and all that was done was through our web research of photos and videos, with our tailoring experience.

No chance for fittings or any alterations but straight to shoot day. Thankfully the fit and cut was close to 100%, and we were truly elated for the experience.

You can read the full article here on The Importance of Being Idris/ UNRESERVED May’18 Issue.

Photographer by Kim Mun
Styling by Ian Loh
Hair by Truefitt & Hill
Make up by Marcus Chuah

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