Shirt Swag – Tessitura Monti

When all you need are the finest yarns and dyes to complement a well-tailored shirt, Tessitura Monti steps up to the plate.

Quality woven shirting fabrics are the order of the day at WARDROBE. It comes as no surprise then that the company only affords the impeccable service standards of Tessitura Monti for its choice in shirting fabrics.

Through the decades, Gruppo Tessile Monti’s designs have become an institution in weaving Giza cotton into intricate yarn-dyed cotton shirting fabrics that have made fashion statements and influenced the success of the world’s leading brands.

Opened in 1911 in Italy, Tessitura Monti’s continual innovation of the manufacturing process led to Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd (TMIPL) being established in India to lead in the production of premium yarn-dyed shirting fabrics. What began as weaving facility quickly grew into an operation with 200 looms and 900 employees set across an area of 20,000 square metres.

Trained by their Italian counterparts, the facility supplied fabric to premium apparel brands. Today, with a whopping USD60 million investment, the facility delivers optimum quality fabric in sync with its parent company in Italy.

The fabrication of Tessitura Monti’s quality poplin, twill, stripes, checks and all yarn-dyed products beings life with the selection of the best Egyptian Giza yarn, and is followed by the application of high quality dyeing agents. Stringent quality control procedures are put in place to ensure every metre of fabric is woven to perfection.

Over decades, the Monti Group has emerged as a specialist in producing 100 percent cotton yarn dyed shirting for finer count formal shirting wear. It is well known in the market for its very heavy satin design with colour combinations that are complicated to weave.

With its wide range of products in its portfolio, Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd is all geared up to cater to the exalting requirements of ant customer or brand.

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