Dressing The Man

DRESSING THE MAN – Video series featuring five inspiring personalities. Five leading pioneers, five personal styles, all suited up by Wardrobe.

Patrick Grove, Azran Osman-Rani, Lee Ching Wei, Joel Neoh and Khailee Ng; five front-runners in the industry came together sharing their stories of personal style, experiences in building a legacy and perspectives on ‘what defines a man’.


PATRICK GROVE, the Group CEO of Catcha Group, in the new “Dressing The Man” video series. Mr. Grove is a very successful entrepreneur, an internet pioneer, whose goal in life is to create a great company that goes global and disrupts the entire industry. This web veteran has started company after company and has taken startups all the way to IPO – iProperty, iCar, Rev Media and FDV. His latest endeavour is iFlix, the subscription video on demand.

We had the honour and privilege to be working with Mr. Grove, the Man who has had and continues to inspire many entrepreneurs, young and old. And so, we, at Wardrobe wanted to understand what it takes to be this Man, how to be this Man and ultimately to dress this Man.


An inspiring leader and pioneer in the business industry, AZRAN OSMAN-RANI has been instrumental in shaping global companies, nurturing talents and building teams. Azran is also a seasoned triathlete and has competed in many races and competitions, earning him the title “Ironman”. He leads his life purposefully and takes on new challenges by giving his 100% physically and mentally to always “bring his A game” and achieve his personal best.

Azran is an inspiration to many ranging from students to sportsmen to businessmen, with his ability to seamlessly and harmoniously balance between family, work, sports, and his adventure travels. And so, we, at Wardrobe wanted to understand what it takes to be this Man and ultimately to dress this Man.


LEE CHING WEI, Group CEO of iMoney Group in the “Dressing The Man” video series. Ching as he is widely known, co-founded iMoney in 2012 and has since scaled the business to over six countries (and counting). A true blue money expert, he has helped individuals with personal financing and corporate clients with investment consulting over the years. Because of that, there was no surprise when Ching combined his financial knowledge, technology, regional markets know-how and his business acumen to build iMoney from ground up.


JOEL NEOH, an entrepreneur, Founder of Fave and KFit. As a serial entrepreneur, Joel isn’t afraid to try new things, whether it is pioneering regional online businesses and breaking new grounds or exploring his interests outside of work, he is always focused and determined to master them. But who is Joel, really? Is he a stylish entrepreneur? An extreme explorer? A charismatic CEO? Watch this video and see for yourself what this Man all about and how we, at Wardrobe, played a part in dressing this Man.


KHAILEE NG, Managing Partner of 500 Startups, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. A true pioneer in South East Asia, this Man started his first company at the age of 15 and went on to create more businesses which got acquired. And now he helps entrepreneurs around the world make their dreams come true.


The final video to the DRESSING THE MAN series, where we showcase all of the inspiring Pioneers and Entrepreneurs in one video, to celebrate them and their journey of building a legacy, all over again at the end of this campaign.

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