Dressing The Entrepreneur: How To Wear A Suit

In the first article of the Dressing the Entrepreneur series, we discussed the different occasions. In this segment, we will explain how to wear those garments properly. Although different in design, the core principle of wearing the garment is the same. We offer you seven tips to look out for when you put on your best look for your million-dollar deal.


The jacket should just hug your body along with a little waist suppression for the masculine silhouette. Ideally it should be fitted and not tight with ample room to promote ease of movement. The length of the jacket should cover the lowest curvature of your buttocks.


The shoulders act as the natural hanger for the suit. This is the first thing to get right. The shoulder seam should stop at the end of your shoulders. Never too wide nor narrow, and it should look natural.

It is difficult to alter the shoulders, therefore do not choose sizes too large and have it altered at a later stage.


The shirt sleeves should stop at the base of the thumb, near the wrist. While the jacket sleeves should be about half an inch shorter.


The lowest button of the jacket, be it a two-or-three-button jacket and similarly the double breasted jacket, should never be fastened, The lowest button is non-functional and never meant to be buttoned.


The trousers should have a clean and streamlined look from the waist to the bottom. Always remember to have your trousers altered to the correct length as too much “break” (excess fabric) at the bottom will create an unpleasant appearance.


It is strongly recommended to wear a pocket square with your jacket. This is one of the fastest ways to add an air of distinction to your overall look. Always remember, not to have similar make of colour and pattern and materials to your necktie. The pocket square is not designed to be the same as the necktie.


The necktie, pocket square, watch, cufflinks, shoes and others are used to inject your personality. The key to remember is to be discreet and tasteful. Choose accessories which are elegant, well made and understated. Never choose to fill yourself up with every accessory known to men. We call this over-accessorising for the wrong reasons.

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