Dressing The Entrepreneur: Types of Garment

In the realm of Menswear, there are different types of garments used for different purposes based on the notion of how formal or casual the occasion calls for. In Malaysia, most think that it is a one suit for all occasions when this is truly not the case. As an entrepreneur or in any other professional capacity you are in, it takes some degree of effort to dress appropriately so that you accord the same amount of respect to yourself as to others.

When jacket and the trousers are of the same colour, pattern and material, this is called the Lounge Suit. Commonly used for conducting business engagements or social affairs such as dinners. Most might mistakenly call it the business suit, but there is no such thing as a “business suit”. The proper terminology is the Lounge Suit.

The navy blazers originates form the British navy in the 19th century. It comes in a very dark blue paired with gold-coloured brass buttons. The emblem of the navy ships that they belong to are usually engraved on these buttons.

Blazers can be used for your informal meetings in the hotel lounge or dinners where you do not need to be so dressed up in a Lounge Suit, yet you do not want to be so casually dressed in just a shirt and trousers.


When you receive an invitation to a formal engagement, which requires you to dress in “Black Tie”, it means a Tuxedo. The Tuxedo is unique in that the lapels are covered with sateen silk facing; it has sheen. The lapel comes in a variation of peak lapels or a shawl collar. The Tuxedo is paired with a white dress shirty with pleated front or a Marcella bib. The dress shirt must always be worn with cufflinks and a bow tie.

Through observation, many in Malaysia attend Black Tie functions with merely a black Lounge Suit with bow tie. This is not correct by any means. My recommendation is, should you receive an invitation for Black Tie more than three times, it is well worth the investment to own one.


As the name denotes, it originated from sporting activities in the late 19th century relating to shooting and horse riding. Used for leisure activities, the status of the Sports Jacket is very much for casual use. A modern day sports jacket mimics the form of a lunge suit paired with brighter colours and patterns in the fabric. Fabric used are the likes of cottons, linens or wool blends. Because of its casual nature, you may use it for the purpose of travels, parties, or dinner in a casual setting.

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