Dressing The Entrepreneur: Shirt

In this instalment of the series, we will be sharing some tips on the shirt, the article of clothing most worn by entrepreneurs in our country, regardless of what sector of the industry you are in.

There is an array of choices in malls and online, be it ready to wear or tailored. And to present yourself in the best possible way, it is not as simple as just selecting the right size and your favourite colour. Allow me to explain.


The collar serves as the most crucial aspect to consider when you are wearing a shirt. Simply because the collar frames your face and the head is a focal point when we are facing others. The human head comes in many shapes. Some are angular, long, oval and round. With collars, there are many types of collars.

The use of the collar is to counteract the face shape to create a balanced and harmonious appearance. I will explain this concept by using two face shape, the ‘angular’ and ’round’ as illustrated below below.

Figure 1 illustrates the angular face shape which is sharp at the chin. By pairing it with a very narrow spread of the collar on the left, it will result in elongating the face shape further making it very long and slim. The picture on the right shows a spread collar, counter reacting the face shape by giving it a horizontal bias making it look more harmonious.

In figure 2, the oval face shape has a horizontal orientation to begin with and by pairing the spread collar will further exemplify the lateral orientation. Therefore by pairing it with a narrow spread collar, it will help to balance off the rounded face shape making it sharper.


There are only two types of cuffs, French cuffs and barrel cuffs. French cuffs will be worn with cufflinks and barrel cuffs are fastened with the buttons. The French cuffs give a notion of formality as opposed to the barrel cuffs which is more relaxed. should you have an important board meeting to attend, wear a shirt with cufflinks.


Most shirts do come with pockets. Pockets are an invention of modern times when man needs items such as pens, spectacles and name cards. Hence the use of pockets to store these items. Our advice is, if you do not carry any of these items, then choose a shirt without pockets as it looks neat.

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