With made to measure or bespoke outfit, you’ve got a lot of creative freedom to build the suit of your dreams. Here are seven tips on what you should be looking out for when you walk into a tailor.

#1 Sleeve Length

A suitable sleeve length should extend to the wrist-bone, as it should let the shirt peer out for about half an inch from the suit sleeve.

#2 Shoulders

The shoulders should be a tad wider than your natural shoulder line. Not everyone has symmetrical shoulders, which is why tailored suits have the advantage of balancing that out.

#3 Jacket Length

The length should serve to set a separation of your top body harmoniously, ending just at the bottom curvature of your buttocks. You can also let your arms hang loosey at the side of your body then cup your fingers. The length should end just within the grasp of your fingers. However, this is often inaccurate and varies from individual to another to as some men have longer arms.

#4 Buttons
The lowest button on your suit regardless if it’s a two or three-button suit, or the double-breasted, isn’t meant to be fastened. These buttons are designed to be non-functional

#5 Armholes
There is no one size fits all. Higher armholes allow for better movement of the arm, but of course, everyone’s body is built differently.

#6 Pleats
Completely up to personal preference. Should you want a streamlined suit with a tidy look, choose flat-fronted trousers. If you prefer a little extra room for your keys and mobile phone, then pleats are a good idea.

#7 Trousers Cuffs
If you’re wearing flat-fronted trousers, skip the cuffs. Cuffs team well with pleated trousers and double-breasted suits for the illusion of balancing a heavier upper body. Shorter men should avoid cuffs altogether.

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