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Introducing the exclusive Fabrissioni shirting fabrics by Wardrobe, stylishly packaged and made to be of supreme quality. They are available in an array of colours, patterns and textures including several limited editions that are perfect gift choices.Treat yourself and your loved ones, special friends or business partners to the refined luxury of Fabrissioni shirting fabrics. When you give these exclusive shirting fabrics, they will experience the feeling of having bespoke shirts that are highly personalised and made to fit their individual styles. They will also enjoy true bespoke elegance where they can customise the amount of spread in the collars, go with or without pockets for their shirts and to have french cuffs if they love to wear cufflinks. Additionally, they can choose from a variety of beautifully coloured buttons as well as have their shirts monogrammed to portray their very own exquisite style.


Made to Malaysiana

The Made to Malaysiana campaign is a project initiated by Wardrobe to promote the idea that a well-dressed image can enrich the representation of an individual in a global setting and bring the country truly in line with the styles of the developed world.Our campaign aims to highlight interesting individuals across Malaysia and demonstrate how dressing well can enhance their image even further. The project attempts to capture the essence of the ‘Malaysiana’ concept, a term we coined to describe the people, colours and culture of Malaysia, and explore what it means to dress as a 21st century urban gentleman.Find Out More

Wardrobe Beats

Sway, gyrate, and keep up with the beat with these mixtapes giving a classy and sassy atmosphere wherever you may be.Listen



A unique men’s magazine that showcases Wardrobe’s tailoring, side by side with engaging stories and features that reflects the interest and characteristics of a Wardrobe Man.

Boost that masculine confidence to greater heights.


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