Always Wanted a Made to Measure suit but find travelling out of East Malaysia a Hassle?

Ever wonder why and be utterly disappointed to realize that the only solution to stylish, comfortable and quality tailoring requires you to travel all the way to us Wardrobe, in Kuala Lumpur? For time restrictions and the nuisance of travel arrangements, you forgo this luxury that you so rightfully deserve.

Our team of experienced travelling tailors; PRIVATO- by appointment tailoring will now make the trip to you, in Kota Kinabalu.Come visit us with your family and friends at the Made To Measure Event and try on to feel our collection of Lounge Suit for your professional look, Tuxedos for your formal events or weddings, Sports Jacket for your casual affair or travel, Bespoke shirts and trousers for your daily necessities.

Our tailor assisting a customer in fabric selection. We have a vast selection of fabrics to suit every occasion and budget.

More than 10 measurements are taken to ensure your suit fits like a second skin.

We would like to also present to you for your selection, our wide range of international renowned fabric brands in various colours, patterns and texture.During the appointment, we will conduct a detailed and precise bodily measurement session for you featuring our latest house cut to cater for your posture and contours of your physique.

Ultimately it will be a masterpiece which you will feel comfortable wearing as it will be designed, cut and tailored solely and exclusively for you. We help by advising you on the current styling to match your personality and lifestyle. Together with detailed tailoring craftsmanship, it will be a creation that you will feel confident presenting yourself with.

Promotions specially crafted for this Made to Measure Event. . .

Receive a complimentary pair of suit trousers (1) when you purchase any made to order or bespoke edition 2 piece suit.
Receive a complimentary pair of trousers (1) when you purchase three (3) pair of trousers.
Receive a complimentary bespoke shirt (1) when you purchase any three (3) bespoke shirts.

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