Enjoy master craftsmanship tailoring in the comfort of your home or office. You are a successful executive, always on the move & your time is filled with important engagements. You realize the importance of projecting the professional image but finding that time is of essence to you.Wardrobe now brings master craftsmanship tailoring to your door step through our Privato by Appointment Tailoring service. Whether at the comfort of your office or home, our dedicated team of tailors will visit you for all your tailoring needs, at your preferred time.

Our tailor assisting a customer in fabric selection. We have a vast selection of fabrics to suit every occasion and budget.

During the appointment, we will present to you our latest and wide selection of international renowned fabric brands for your selection. We will conduct a
detailed and precise bodily measurement followed by a block fitting session,
featuring our signature house design to cater for your posture and contours of your physique.

PRIVATO‘s tailor performing fitting session to carefully analyze the physique for the ultimate fit of your suit.

In three weeks, the custom-made personalized suit will be personally delivered to you. Any additional suits made from then on will be effortless as we would already have a record of your measurements. All you need to do is choose your desired design and fabric to be used.

Ultimately it will be a masterpiece which you will feel comfortable wearing as it will be designed, cut and tailored only for you and you alone. We help by advising you on the current styling to match your personality and lifestyle. Together with detailed tailoring craftsmanship, it will be a creation that you will feel confident presenting yourself.If you’d like us to visit your company, please email us for info about our corporate packages.

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