Kiton represents superior craftsmanship which was established half a century ago by master tailors from Naples led by its founder Ciro Paone. With relentless pursuit of mastery and excellence that went on through several generations, Kiton today is the symbol of class, quality, and social distinction in the global market.The style, quality, and workmanship are the elements that sets Kiton apart from any other brand.

Wardrobe takes great pride in only working with the best suppliers around the world so there is no surprise that KITON and Wardrobe have decided to collaborate. KITON is available at Wardrobe’s flagship store in Bangsar where clients will find an excellent selection of suits, blazers, trousers, shirts and accessories.

Clients can choose their choice of fabric and style, then get their measurements taken and fittings done in the Bangsar branch before the order is sent off to Napoli in Italy.The suit will be crafted by hand over a period of six weeks before returning back to KL for final fittings and adjustments.

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