About Wardrobe

history01During the 1990s, Malaysia experienced a void in up-market professional tailoring and this was exactly the chance that partners J.J. Lim, K.C. Phuan and A.F. Chai saw. Through a balance of entrepreneurialism and absolute necessity, they began to grow and make a name for themselves looking after many of Malaysia’s most prominent business leaders, socialites and royalty.The necessity was a means of survival in a commercial landscape that did not place a lot of value on tailoring but once they reached a certain level, the opportunity was there to be taken.From one initial outlet, the growth was substantial. At the peak of Spark Manshop’s development, the company was opening one outlet per month with a total of 30 outlets throughout the nation and all this has been accomplished in spite of the ubiquitous malls that have populated every town in the country.What gave them the advantage was a handful of principles; hard work and dedication to provide clients with impressive designs through the delicate skill of hand tailoring was and remains at the forefront of their company values. But it is also the uncompromising use and understanding of the highest quality fabrics and cloths which have set them apart from all others.Hard work and dedication to provide clients with impressive designs through the delicate skill of hand tailoring was and remains at the forefront of their company values.If “the proof is in the pudding” as they say, then one only needs look at the sophisticated masterpieces that they have created over the last 30 years and the relationships they have with world renowned clothing companies like Canali, a deal that was sealed with a single handshake.Even the fact that tailors from as far as the United States, London and Sydney employ their services. The list of achievements go on but perhaps the most significant is that as a company, they do not outsource work unlike many other global brands and this is partly because of their famous “can do” attitude but also due to a team that has largely remained faithful for over 30 years. As many business owners will attest, building this level of loyalty is incredibly difficult.history02Naturally, this kind of growth does not go unnoticed; soon many other tailors in Malaysia were raising their game in terms of quality and service. Be that as it may, the competition struggled to keep the pace as Spark Manshop continued to grow and more investment was placed into state-of-the-art machineries as well as international relationships with the world’s finest mills.The result of 10 years of hard work and a 200-strong workforce created a platform that allowed the founders to explore new directions. They were the only company in Malaysia to reach their size in the industry, earning the founders the title of ‘True Pioneers’ in the business of Malaysian tailoring. With such a prestigious accolade, the next challenge to be addressed was the future direction of the company.In 1996 the partners sold Spark Manshop, but the financial gain alone was not enough to satisfy their love for made to measure clothing and so they decided to come together again in 2001 to create a new and exciting concept called Wardrobe.The future required another level of vision and one that would entail further investment, not only from the perspective of man power and machinery but actual knowledge. Under the leadership of Lim Fang Heng, Wardrobe has taken the responsibility to take Malaysian tailoring onto another level. The new generation of leaders have brought a fresh approach to a classic business, blending the skillful hands of its master tailors and a keen understanding of contemporary styles.They prioritise impeccable detailing and fitting to give every suit a sense of timeless quality that sets them apart from all of the lazy off -the-rack suits. The decision was made to maintain the strong level of company expertise, not just theoretically but through actual practical experience.Master Tailor Lim Fang Meng, was sent to study menswear and tailoring on Savile Row following his father’s footsteps, making him the only trained and qualified tailor with Savile Row’s tradition and heritage in today’s Malaysian market. Bringing the next generation into the fold represented a significant step for the company. It was time to do something new and exciting.heritage02In 2001, the Wardrobe brand was reinvigorated in a holistic campaign that would involve the construction of their flagship store, prominently located in Bangsar on Jalan Maarof. As soon as clients enter the boutique, the level of customer service and dedication to making an impressive result is immediately apparent.The ultimate aim is to customise designs using preferred fabrics and colours that allow the wearer to look remarkable. With state-of-the-art technology, Wardrobe is able to maintain the highest level of accuracy and organisation when dealing with the client’s particulars, whilst maintaining the most traditional methods of tailoring that cannot be replicated by any machine. The diligence involved in every suit created is reflected in the way each client is handled from beginning to end, with every interaction reinforcing the company’s belief that service is paramount and a client’s experience is one that will lead to a lifelong relationship.
heritage01Wardrobe stands among the world-class brands. We have had years of expertise in crafting suits for elite clients; including royals, politicians, celebrities, and influential figures as well as for Savile Row, London.Wardrobe is creating 21st century craftsmanship tailoring with a complete range of made to measure, fashion assistance, on-location tailoring, pick-up and delivery service, retail ambience, and more.We are looking forward to reform the impression people have towards traditional tailors through a revolutionary image of professional master craftsmanship tailoring.We aim to revolutionize the traditional tailoring environment through our experience that spans through several generations.

“Wardrobe is a fusion of classic fashion and modern trends that breathes distinct life and comfort into each masterpiece creation for the urban men of today.”

Lim Fang HengCEO of Wardrobe

Wardrobe, in its continuous pursuit of excellence and mastery of craft has received a great number of accolades along the way.